We offer Evansville home and business owners a trusted professional service, backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial power washing services, including homes, businesses, commercial buildings, industrial dwellings, and apartment communities. Many Evansville property managers trust us as their first choice for quality pressure washing systems. 

     We encourage all home and/or business owners, along with all property managers to hire a professional power washing company, properly trained in detergent and chemical applications, to ensure your property is safely and efficiently cleaned. Below is a picture of a local apartment community that we provide cleaning services for. The buildings had visible algae growth on the vinyl portions, and needed the proper power washing method to effectively remove the algae growth. Would you believe that less than 60 psi was used to clean these 2-story apartments? And...they were all cleaned from the ground, without the use of any extensions? 

     As Evansville's #1 power washing service, we introduced the SoftWash method 11 years ago. This method allows the surface to be thoroughly cleaned, as well as all algae and recurrent mold growth to be neutralized, without the dangers of high pressure.

The home in the above photos was cleaned using the softwash pressure washing method, which we introduced to Evansville 11 years ago. Unfortunately, many contractors and pressure washing companies still have the false belief that high pressure is necessary to effectively clean a home or building.Not only is high pressure dangerous and reckless, it is actually much less effective and efficient to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home. Professional detergents are vital to safely and effectively neutralize the mold spores and algae colonies growing on your home's exterior. Give us a call today...or text. You'll be glad you did! 812.552.2464

     Vinyl Siding Cleaning is a necessity for your home! The proper method of cleaning vinyl siding utilizes a high-volume, low-pressure approach. A highly effective proprietary solution is applied to the home's exterior, neutralizing the growth and recurrence of algae, mold, and dirt on your property. The detergents contained in the solution are then rinsed off, once again using a high-volume, low-pressure cleaning application.

     Vinyl and aluminum siding are sometimes described as "maintenance free", but that's not totally true. While both surfaces are easily maintained, environmental and organic growth can wreak havoc on the substrates, leaving your home green and covered in algae and/or mold, as in the picture below.