The deck to the left appeared to be near ruin, leaving the homeowner to consider replacement. Instead, the deck was washed using a very delicate detergent application, then a gentle rinse. No pressure washer was used, no brushing, no re-staining.

Deck & Fence Cleaning


     Wood is an extremely delicate substrate, requiring a very precise approach to effectively clean and restore it properly. When it comes to decks and/or fences....High pressure is NOT YOUR FRIEND!

     Furring is a damage to the wood fibers that can and will happen if the wood is not treated properly. Simply pressure washing a wooden deck or fence can be effective, but is not recommended, as the high pressure washing doesn't kill or neutralize the algae, or the graying of the wood surface. 


     Wood cleaning and restoration is a multi-step process, involving the application of a wood stripper, which will safely remove only the top layer of worn wood fibers. After the stripper has performed its mechanism of action, a low pressure strip is performed to prep for the brightener. A neutralizer and brightener is then applied, leaving your fence and/or deck looking almost brand new. Many people prefer the natural wood fiber look that is achieved with this strip/brighten power washing method.

     While many people prefer the natural wood look, many others prefer deck and/or fence staining. There are multiple options here, but there is one thing that is imperative to know: DO NOT USE STORE BOUGHT STAINS!

While many of the big box stores carry a variety of deck stains and sealers, the solids content contained in those products is substantially less than professional products. In addition, the overall quality is diminished when compared to professional quality deck and fence stains.

     When choosing a deck and/or fence stain, you can choose between several different types: acrylic, latex, oil-based, etc. You also have the option of what cosmetic appearance you prefer: solid, transparent, semi-transparent, etc.

Within the past 10 years, composite decking (Trex, Ipe, etc.) has made a roar in the industry due to its durability and ease of maintenance. While composite decking is durable, it is also much more delicate than wood in some cases, requiring even less pressure than wood. How does this work? Look at the picture below:

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To the bottom left, is the finished result of proper deck cleaning, without using a high pressure washing method. The deck was safely and effectively restored, saving the homeowners several thousand dollars.