Discover the TRUTH about Roof Cleaning: NO pressure is needed to effectively clean and restore your roof. No Pressure = No Damage.



The roof pictured above was thoroughly cleaned using the 
Roof Renew

method. This cleaning method uses a delicate blend of detergents combined with only the rinsing pressure of a garden hose to completely clean and remove the mold and algae buildup on the roof. No Pressure = No Damage. The homeowner was happy knowing that the property was safe in the hands of the pros: The SoftWash Pros.

Regardless of how old or brittle your roof may be, WE CAN CLEAN IT! Did you know that ARMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association has a branded caution against cleaning roofs with a pressure washer? This dangerous method of cleaning can actually VOID YOUR WARRANTY! If a company mentions using high pressure to clean your roof, then run the other way! High pressure roof cleaning is a direct violation of ARMA cleaning specifications, and could cost you thousands of dollars!

For the smartest choice in roof cleaning, call Precision Power Washing today! We take every necessary step to ensure that your property, your WHOLE property, is safely managed during the cleaning process. From pre-wetting all landscaping and vegetation, to post-rinse wipe down, you can rest assured that when choosing us you have made a wise investment.

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